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After the successful launch of its Underground Services Location (USL) offering into the Gauteng market in 2015, Bosch Munitech is pleased to announce the further expansion of this service into the Western Cape. Working from its offices in Cape Town, Bosch Munitech is now in a position to provide a quality, cost effective USL service across the Western Cape.

The detection and mapping of buried utilities incorporates the use of non-intrusive location methods to locate underground services ranging from water pipelines, sewerage lines, electrical cables, telecommunications cables, fibre optic cables and
stormwater lines. Bosch Munitech uses state of the art equipment ranging from electromagnetic locators, ground penetrating radar and sonde tracing to locate the services, which are then surveyed, mapped and reduced to 2D and 3D drawings.

Divisional Head, Chris Otto notes that “Bosch Munitech has become a preferred specialist in underground services location and our high tech, non-intrusive location methods offer fast, accurate and cost effective results on buried utility infrastructure layouts. The expansion into the Western Cape was the next logical step for us, having built up a strong business in Gauteng”.

He added that, “Our ability to locate and map buried utilities offers a range of benefits to our Clients. Some of these include accurate utility drawings for design purposes; reduced damage caused to essential services during excavation; reduced costs resulting from re-designs, services damage during construction, and interruptions to work on site”.

“We look forward to introducing an improved level of USL services in the Western Cape and increasing our investment in the region”, concluded Otto.


Scanning grids
Luke Crouch scanning grids with ground penetrating radar.
Mogomotsi Phoko tracing a high voltage cable route using an electromagnetic locator.