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Leaders in providing client-focused sugar engineering solutions, our Sugar Sector is internationally renowned for providing creative and client-focused sugar engineering and technology solutions in the following areas:

  • Sugar cane production and agribusiness;
  • Cane sugar mills and refineries;
  • Sugar technology development and equipment supply;
  • Cogeneration; and
  • Ethanol.

With offices in the UK, Brazil, South Africa and Kenya, we have designed and implemented small and large-scale greenfield and brownfield projects globally. These cost-effective, quality solutions encompass the best in innovative engineering. The result is efficient and reliable performance that meets our clients’ needs every time. With more than 60 years in the sugar industry, we have refined an impressive range of capabilities and services which include:

Our Capabilities:

Strategic Planning and Feasibility Studies

  • Fatal flaws analysis;
  • Pre-feasibility, feasibility and bankable feasibility studies;
  • Evaluation of techno/economic factors affecting sugar, ethanol, co-generation and by-product production at brownfield and greenfield sugar factories;
  • Strategic input to client’s teams as required;
  • Due diligence appraisals of sugar factories for investment purposes;
  • Lenders technical adviser;
  • Project structuring and funding;
  • Factory technical audits; and
  • Owners engineer role.

Sugar Technology Selection

  • Techno/economic evaluation of equipment and new technologies to maximise return on investment;
  • Appraisal and introduction of appropriate Brazilian technology to clients (sugar and ethanol) through our Brazilian office;
  • Specific R&D requirements in conjunction with the client; and
  • By-product development.

Specialist Engineering Services

  • Energy and mass balance modelling (raw and refined sugar, ethanol and co-generation);
  • Process engineering;
  • Front end engineering design (FEED);
  • Brownfield factory capacity upgrades and performance improvements;
  • Factory thermal energy improvements;
  • Steam and power generation plant integration and cogeneration;
  • Design of new, high efficiency, low cost sugar factories, ethanol plants and refineries;
  • Design of sugar handling, conditioning and storage silos, packaging and warehousing plants;
  • Design of trash separation and recovery systems; and
  • Grid connected generation compatibility studies.

Operational Support and Training

  • Diffuser and milling tandem performance improvement programs;
  • Process audits and troubleshooting;
  • Operations planning;
  • Engineering and laboratory audits;
  • Best practice benchmarking;
  • Management of performance improvement projects;
  • Temporary operational staff placements;
  • Training (through Bosch Ulwazi); and
  • Operations and maintenance contracts.

Major Achievements:

  • EPCM consultants for and equipment suppliers to the award winning Nakambala Product Alignment and Refinery Project. First refinery designed by Bosch Projects and supplied 24 items of sugar process equipment.
  • Ubombo expansion project – largest brownfield expansion project in Africa.
  • EPCM consultants for the Komati greenfield sugar mill project implementation – latest greenfield sugar mill built in South Africa.
  • Rehabilitation of Kagera Sugar Mill in a remote location.
  • Acquisition of Booker Tate.
  • 13 years’ operating in Brazil (Sugar consulting and equipment supply).

Contact: Murray Stevens –