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Bosch Munitech, in partnership with Durban Solid Waste (DSW), recently concluded a training programme presented to 30 solid waste management practitioners from Tanzania. The training programme formed part of the Tanzania Strategic Cities Project (TSCP), run from the Prime Ministers office.

The goal of the TSCP initiative is the creation of a facilitative environment for the improvement of solid waste management infrastructure and the strengthening of institutional capacity in respect of solid waste management operations in Tanzania.

In September 2014 a team comprising Bosch Munitech and DSW waste management specialists arrived in Tanzania to commence with Phase 1 of the 16 month project. Phase 1 comprised a status quo assessment and gap analysis which identified the key training needs in the 7 cities. The outcome of the gap analysis was used to develop the training curriculum and materials for Phase 2, classroom training in Arusha, Tanzania, followed by Phase 3, on-site training in Durban.

The theoretical and practical training will be cemented by on-going support mechanisms accessible to the trainees as they action their newly acquired skills at their places of work.