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Bosch Projects and Bosch Capital participated in the first Non-Sewered Sanitation conference hosted by the International Water Association. The theme this year was ” Stimulating Innovative Solutions and Uptake for People Not Connected to Sewers”. Non-Sewered Sanitation refers to any sanitation system that treats human waste without relying on any sewerage network. It is considered a promising alternative given the current state of the world’s challenge of providing appropriate and dignified sanitation solutions to communities.  Our paper titled “A Techno-economic Evaluation of Non-Sewered Sanitation Systems”, written by Rajiv Paladh, Mishqah Hussain and Jason Holder was presented by Mishqah at the event.  Bosch Capital  in association with Bosch Projects  and Isle Utilities  also showcased a poster that explained the manner in which the existing public procurement framework could be used to promote the uptake of water and sanitation innovations.