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N2-11 Bramlin to Soutwerke upgrade

CLIENT: SANRAL Southern Region

LOCATION: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Professional Engineering and Project Management Services (EPCM)

Scope of Services Provided:

  • Pavement investigation and assessment of remaining life.
  • Engineering design of rehabilitation and surfacing options;
  • Cost estimating;
  • Procurement;
  • Contract administration; and
  • Construction monitoring.

Project Description:

This section of the N2 national road traverses Port Elizabeth and consists of 28km (700,000m) of dual carriageway freeway in an urban environment, including 350,000m of interchange ramps and crossroads.

Bosch Projects was responsible for designing the rehabilitation and resurfacing of the carriageways, including the selection of resurfacing types appropriate for the environment (quiet UTFC in urban areas), and pavement strength (higher strength EME asphalt for heavily trafficked areas), and a double seal on sections with pavement flexibility outside of urban areas.


Key elements of the contract were:

  • Drainage improvements (sub-surface, concrete lining and reshaping);
  • Undercut failed areas with very poor subgrades, and rehabilitate with synthetic subgrade reinforcement, dumprock, and new layerworks;
  • Widespread repairs (mill out aged surfacing and replace with asphalt);
  • Mill out deformed asphalt on heavily trafficked areas and replace with high strength EME asphalt;
  • Reinforcing / stress absorbing layer to limit reflective block cracking;
  • Overlay with 40mm A-E2 semi-gap graded asphalt (34 000 ton) - including night work on heavily trafficked interchanges;
  • Re-surface of carriageway and ramps with a UTFC (16 000 ton);
  • Re-seal 224 000m2 of carriageways with a 20mm/7mm split seal;
  • Bridge deck joint replacement / refurbishment; and
  • Line marking and road studs.

Project Value: R205 million

Date Completed: November 2016