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Swartkop Air Force Base Utility locating and mapping:

Bosch Munitech’s Underground Services Location (USL) division was contracted to locate and map all underground utilities at the Swartkop Air force Base.

The Swartkop Air Force Base is situated in Valhalla, Centurion, a known Dolomite area. Due to the nature of dolomite, the client proposed to replace all sewer and storm-water lines at the base. Bosch Munitech was appointed by Bofepi Projects to locate and map all underground utilities and produce a digital layout.

The survey was completed in 4 weeks, 3 weeks field work and one week data processing and mapping. The final result offered Bofepi Projects with a pathway to lay new pipelines safely. In areas where utilities could not be avoided, Bosch Munitech supplied Bofepi Projects with depth and accurate positions of utilities for safe hand excavation.

Bosch Munitech strives to provide the highest quality of work and all precautions are taken to ensure accurate utility location results. Bosch Munitech uses up to date equipment in order to achieve quality results.

The primary equipment utilised for utility surveys are:

  • Electromagnetic Locators: this unit is used to locate all live power cables, copper telecommunication lines and conductive pipes that can transmit an electromagnetic signal.
  • Ground Penetrating Radaror GPR: Used for locating all utilities including non-metallic pipes and cables like fibre optic lines or UPVC water pipes.
  • RTK Base and Rover: Mapping of all located utilities
  • AutoCAD: Used to produce the final drawings that were handed to the client in printed and digital form.