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Bosch Engenharia was appointed by Lago Azul Soja e Álcool (LASA) in 2012, to execute the operations, maintenance and technical support contract, for the company’s alcohol distillery, in the State of Goiás, Brazil.

At the time of the appointment, the distillery was going through a rehabilitation process and was only able to crush 280 000 tons of cane per year. As a result of Bosch Engenharia’s operational experience and technical input over the nine-year period, this situation has significantly improved, and the plant is currently processing 800 000 tons of cane per year.

To achieve this, a Bosch Engenharia plant manager was permanently based at the distillery to manage daily operations. Part of this function was a process assessment and the following technology / equipment was supplied:

  • A lamella clarifier
  • A pre-evaporation system, including a 2 300m² long tube evaporator;
  • Two 300m² juice heaters
  • An ethanol tank with a capacity of 20 000m³

The contract was structured such that Bosch Engenharia would be compensated on an agreed percentage of the increased profit/volumes/quality of the plant, resulting in a win-win situation which has been a great advantage to the client.

A successful partnership in Brazil