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Area C & D West Storage Facility Project

CLIENT: Transnet Capital Projects

LOCATION: Richards Bay, South Africa

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Design and Engineering


Services Provided:

  • Engineering & Design
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Control & instrumentation
  • Civil foundations

Project Scope:

  • Bosch Projects were commissioned by Transnet Capital Projects to produce a bulk handling design for an additional open storage export area.  The project spanned the initial FEL1 Conceptual Phase through to FEL4 Design and Implementation.
  • The project featured in the 2015 CESA Aon Engineering Excellence Awards


The scope of the project included:
  • Design of a central reinforced concrete dividing wall and associated piling running the length of the storage area – designed to retain product with a 3,000 kg/m³ density to a height of 14 m.
  • Design of a 347 m long reinforced concrete conveyor U-gallery and supporting columns at a height of 22 m
  • Design and FEA of a motorised travelling wing tripper and cross conveyor that weighs 39 tonnes and feeds to the stockpiles at rates up to 2 500 t/hr
  • Design of two new reclaim conveyor belts with specialised mobile reclaim hoppers for product reclamation at rates up to 2 500 t/hr – tying into the existing port export infrastructure
  • Design of modifications existing conveyors and infrastructure to interface with the new works
  • Design of electrical, control instrumentation, and Scada interfaces for new and modified conveyors and control of the wing tripper.
  • Design of a large dust suppression sprinkler system to operate over the 30 000 m² storage area

Project Value: >R250m