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N2-13/14 Grahamstown to Fish River

CLIENT: SANRAL Southern Region

LOCATION: Grahamstown, Eastern Cape

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Professional Engineering and Project Management Services (EPCM)


Scope of Services Provided:

  • Geometric and pavement design
  • Construction materials sourcing, proving and utilization design
  • Bridge, underpass and culvert design
  • Cost estimating and Procurement
  • Contract administration
  • Construction monitoring

Project Description:

This section of the N2 national road extends from just outside Grahamstown to beyond the summit of the Fish River Pass near Peddie and consists of 47km single carriageway road in a rural environment. Bosch Projects, the JV partner responsible for the design of the geometric and pavement upgrades, introduced substantial changes to the horizontal and vertical alignment to improve design speed and safety. The widening of the Fish River Bridge, as well as five underpasses and numerous drainage culverts are included in the scope of works. The Fish River Pass requires widening resulting in high cut slopes stabilised by anchors, shotcrete and mesh drapery. To facilitate reconstruction of the pass, a 5km bypass road was constructed around the pass using labour-intensive construction methods (macadam base). A non-motorised transport facility (donkey-cart path) was constructed to provide access to local adjoining subsistence farmers.


Phase 1 of 3 is complete, with phase 2 currently underway. Key elements of phase 1 are:
  • Mass earthworks : 325 000m³ cut to fill, 210 000m³ cut to spoil, and 250 000m³ cut to stockpile for use on future phases
  • 1 600m of drainage pipe (300mm to 600 mm diameter)
  • 13 400m of subsoil drains and 15 820m of concrete lined side drain
  • 200 000m³ of pavement layers (selected, stabilized subbase, base)
  • 320 000m² Cape Seal surfacing

Project Value: R990 million

Completion Date: Phase 1 - May 2017 Completion Date: Phase 2 - May 2019 Completion Date: Phase 3 - July 2019