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Repair and resurfacing of the R67 Section 2

CLIENT: SANRAL Southern Region

LOCATION: Makhanda (previously Grahamstown), Eastern Cape

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Professional Engineering and Project Management Services (EPCM)


Scope of Services Provided:

  • Pavement Investigation and assessment of remaining life.
  • Engineering Design of rehabilitation and upgrade measures.
  • Cost Estimating and Procurement.
  • Contract Administration.
  • Construction Monitoring.

Project Description:

The 70km length of National Route R67 Section 2 in this project extends northwards from the N2/R67 intersection outside Grahamstown (km 0) to the R67/R63 intersection outside Fort Beaufort (km 70.7). The narrow single carriageway road required pavement rehabilitation and widening to improve safety, along with drainage improvements.


Major elements of the contract were:
  • Drainage upgrades, including new subsoil drains, cleaning, shaping and trimming of existing earth drains, and construction of concrete lined drains.
  • Pavement repairs, including edge break repairs, repairs of distressed areas by milling and replacement with new asphalt, and base patching with emulsion treated G2.
  • Base repairs to longer lengths with widespread distress by means of insitu recycling and construction of an emulsion treated base (ETB).
  • Safety improvements to existing intersections along the route.
  • Construction of a bitumen treated base (BTB) through the Ecca Pass.
  • Widening of the existing roadway from 6.6m to 8m by means of recycling the existing shoulders, with additional G2 material and bitumen emulsion to provide an emulsion treated base (ETB).
  • Resurfacing of 550 000 m2 of carriageway with a 14/7 mm double seal.
  • Resurfacing of 90 000 m2 of carriageway with a 20/10 mm double seal.
  • Replacement of bridge joints.
  • Guardrails, line marking and roadstuds.
  • Employment of 22 local subcontractors on various parts of the works.

Project Value: R218 million Completion Date: April 2019