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Khon Kaen Sugar Bagasse Diffuser

CLIENT: Khon Kaen Sugar

LOCATION: Thailand

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Design of diffuser and supply of proprietary equipment


Scope of Services Provided:

  • Design of Chainless Diffuser
  • Supply of proprietary process equipment
  • Commissioning assistance

Project Description:

In conjunction with its Thailand agent, Wellman Ltd who was the principle contractor, Bosch Projects designed a 16.5-metre-wide 833TCH Bosch chainless bagasse diffuser for a sugar mill in Thailand. The specialised equipment was supplied by Bosch Projects, with the fabrication and erection of the main steelwork being done locally by Wellman Ltd. The Bosch commissioning engineer then commissioned and optimised the diffuser operation to meet process guarantees.   This is the first Bosch chainless diffuser designed specifically for the bagasse diffusion process and is currently the widest diffuser in the world. This bagasse diffuser also includes some specialised equipment such as two sand removal systems, direct contact scalding juice heating being incorporated into the diffuser trays and relocation of the rotary screens.



  • The project entailed the drawing up and issuing of 23 contracts and purchase orders and the processing of 77 individual invoices

Project Value: R19.9m  (Proprietary Equipment)