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Longmore Forest Road : Emergency Rehabilitation of Flood Damage

CLIENT: Cacadu District Municipality

LOCATION: Thornhill, Eastern Cape

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Professional Engineering and Project Management Services (EPCM)

Services Provided:

  • Geometric and pavement design
  • Culvert and Stormwater design
  • Cost estimating
  • Procurement
  • Contract administration
  • Construction monitoring

Project Scope:

Provincial road DR01928 provides access for logging trucks to the Longmore forestry station. Approximately 0.7km of the gravel road ran adjacent to a stream in a deeply incised valley and was prone to flooding and damage, while the remaining 1.1km was a steep climb exiting the valley on the side of a steep slope characterised by eroded surfaces, drop-offs and unstable cut faces.

The road was severely damaged during flooding in 2006 and required emergency rehabilitation. This was achieved by the construction of 1.8km of concrete surfaced road to replace the damaged gravel road. Also included in the project was re-gravelling of the remainder of DR01928 to the forestry station.


  • Design of the valley section of the roadway to be overtopping in a 1:20yr storm, with reinforced concrete pavement (180mm thick, 30 MPa), reinforced concrete cut-off walls and gabions providing protection to the roadway (combined 9186m³ of reinforced concrete)
  • Four major stormwater culvert structures extended or replaced
  • Provision of extensive slope protection measures on the climb in the form of 185 No. rock anchors, plus gabions (2230m³) and stone pitching (1000m²)
  • 6 511m³ of sub-base and gravel wearing course
  • 292m of 450ø/600ø/900ø concrete stormwater pipes

Project Value: R 24 million.