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UCL Process Equipment

CLIENT: UCL Company (Pty) Limited

LOCATION: Dalton, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Design and Supply of Equipment

Services Provided:

  • Engineering and design;
  • Procurement and expediting;
  • Construction management and contract administration during fabrication; and
  • Installation supervision and commissioning assistance.

Project Scope:

As part of the Client’s 175 TCH factory expansion project, Bosch Projects was appointed to design, fabricate, deliver and provide installation supervision and commissioning assistance for the following new sugar process equipment:

  • 45m3 “C” continuous vacuum pan (CVP);
  • 2500m2 long tube evaporator (LTE);
  • One 30m3 strike receiver and one 50m3 strike receiver;
  • 1.5m3 condensate vessel; and
  • 17m2 rotary screen.

The CVP was fabricated and supplied with the following:

  • Eight compartments supplied complete with carbon steel shell, calandria, internal baffles and plate work;
  • One new 3CR12 barometric condenser and knock-out pot;
  • All new nozzles, man ways, sight/light glasses, compensating pads and sockets;
  • Save-all plate, entrainment separator, massecuite outlet weir;
  • Proof sticks, lights, brix probes and seed delivery pumps;
  • Internal tubes; and
  • Walkways, integral piping, valves and fittings and integral instrumentation.

The LTE was fabricated and supplied with the following:

  • Upper separator section and calandria in carbon steel;
  • Bottom section including support skirt and juice distributor in carbon steel;
  • Steam jacket, internal entrainment separator, stay bars and stiffening rings;
  • All nozzles, man ways and sight glasses;
  • Internal tubes;
  • Cat ladders, walkways and access platforms; and
  • Juice recirculation piping and valves, pressure and temperature gauges, valves, piping, fittings and spray nozzles.


  • The CVP was delivered to site within 5 months. Delivery was undertaken in modular form and required two abnormal loads for the top and bottom halves. The pieces were welded together before the CVP was lifted into position.
  • The LTE was delivered to site within 6.5 months. Delivery was undertaken in modular form, requiring an abnormal load for the bottom section (12m in length and 32 tons) and for the top section (8m in length and 22 tons). Lifting lugs and trunnions were specially designed and fabricated for the purpose of erecting and installing the LTE.
  • The 30m3 strike receiver was sent to site in one piece. The 50m3 strike receiver was sent to site as a split unit made up of two pieces partly tack welded together for easy of delivery. The vessel was then separated on site and lifted into place in two pieces before being welded together.

Project Value: R 20.1 million (USD 1.42m).