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RCL Malelane Sugar Mill


LOCATION: Malelane Mpumalanga

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Professional Engineering and Project Management (EPCM)

Services Provided:

  • Compile a power system simulation of the Mill’s power system;
  • Prepare specifications, drawings and contract documents for the supply of the above equipment;
  • Provide a protection and grading study and implement all settings;
  • Oversee and co-ordinate installation and commissioning and all tests on the distribution systems;.
  • Contract administration;
  • Outage scheduling and planning with operations;
  • Grid Code compliance testing and reporting.

Project Scope:

Replacement of the Mill’s main powerhouse 6.6kV switchboard , and control cabling. Upgrade the Mill’s DCS system and SCADA. Upgrade the Mill’s 4 x generator control systems (AVR’s and governing).


  • A 10 panel 6.6kV, 3150A—25kA switchboard;
  • A new automated 6.6kV neutral grounding system consisting of a 5 x 6.6kV contactor panels;
  • Replacement off all multi-core control cabling to distribution transformers and generators TA1 (6.4MW) , TA2 (6.4MW), TA3 (12MW) and TA(8MW);
  • Upgrading of generator governing and AVR control systems of the four generators, to comply with the SA Grid Code;
  • Upgrading of the Powerhouse DCS and SCADA systems;
  • All site testing, configuration of relays and commissioning.

Professional Fee: R 3 million.

Project Value(to date): R 23 million.